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This poem comes from Ryven, whose site is Ryven's Poetry Planet. I strongly encourage you to go, as his poems are wonderful. A lot of them are in the form exhibited below in this poem, which I find is a lot of the time easier to read. Enjoy.

Putrid Wasteland, (The City)

If you look at the city just right, you'll see what a city truly is, a massive entourage of collective sex and dying circles. Screaming children run through the streets scared and wild, heaving under the pressure of love, lust, and death. There are no innocent souls here, just nymphosexual destitutes. A voyeur walks and sees the sun under the light of the moon. He runs and runs and enters a dark black room, where he experiences the most of sensuality, acid drip, on another trip, he sees colors, flying seagulls upside down, oh no don't look, they've gone to sea, sailing out of the inner city, to the ghosts of loneliness they come, flock in, come now, flock in, sit down, run away come now, flock in, sit down, runaway, come now. You see the walls close in, the floor fade out, put yourself in the route, come on acid.... Shout, Shout, Shout! Come on... an acid trip with me, come on feel it, the acid drip, fall in from my fingertip, come on and trip with me.

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