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A Narrow Path

I walk along a narrow path of plants and bushes galore; Not much to see with the naked eye, yet the obstacles I endure. I dodge the thorns along the way, and the limbs that entrap my hair; I feel the ground beneath my feet, and the cold hovering in the air. I know not what my purpose is, why I walk this path alone; Simple thoughts do guide my way, with hopes that I'll find home. I see nothing ahead and worry. Was this all for naught? What of the dreams that possessed me? What of the answers I sought? At last the path did fade away, revealing a way not cleared; My journey began with rising hope, and ended as I feared. Just then I heard rustling, movement above my head, And there I saw a maple tree with leaves of brightest red. Standing still I marveled at this most wonderful sight; This perfect majestic creation to which my soul took flight. I lost myself for hours watching the limbs and branches sway; And realized how happy I was that my path led me astray. It's important to know that life is long, so often we reach dead ends Be thankful for the mistakes that encourage you to go back and try again.