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Here is a list of the poems you'll find on my page, and a brief description of each.

Poems Of The Week

And Weep The Angels

A man alone witnesses the rise and fall of an angel

Forever Divine


A man feeling, but not understanding, the loss of his purest love.



A woman finds comfort in a forbidden forest, only to find that the comfort transforms into her worst nightmare.

Poems By Me


A look into the depth of the real in contrast to the shallowness of perfection.

My Love

An innocent girl questions and confirms the depth of the love she is giving and receiving.

Beauty Destroys Beauty

A detailed description of a beautiful out-of-control fire ruining the life that it touches.

Poems From Friends

Untitled (1)


Taking out your anger on the person to whom you gave eveything

Untitled (2)


A girl approaches her soulmate, hoping to be calm, but emotion overwhelms her.

Out Of Time


She has the perfect love, and lives for the moment, thinking she may be out of time....

Untitled (3)


How quickly we become a single death among millions of others.



A man fights against the memories that stain his thoughts.



A perception of the many unpredictable paths in life.

Other Poems


Princess Ivy

As she cries herself to sleep, she looks forward to the perfection she finds only in her dreams.

True Love

An mIRC Friend

A man makes a clear statement to his one and only.


Deborah Jean

The paradox of individuality existing within a whole.

The Past The Future

Deborah Jean

The author cries out against the apathy she gets from others

You've seen the meanings, now read the poems. First, here is my Poems Of The Week page.

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