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With each step I take a minute winds down.
The tock of the clock is but the only sound.
Anxiously I await the passage of time.
The bell tolls quickly its eerie chime.
I walk along the clouds to see
The life of what I used to be.
I float in happiness, but in fear
Of that clock, and of the chime I hear.
When time is up, when I descend,
Will that bring me to the end?
Every day of this I think.
Am I standing on the brink
Of death, of life, of black and white?
Is there darkness or growing light?
My cup half empty, yet half full,
But I can make the chimes grow dull
And live my life as it should be,
Before the present does leave me
As we all should, and fight our fight
To leave darkness behind and look to the light.