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Hi there, I live in sunny hahaha Vancouver, Canada but am originally from Nova Scotia. I can't help it I NEED the ocean. LOL And no I am not a mermaid hehehe. Yes I am terminally addicted to #Trivia. I also love to cook and have posted some interesting recipes on my web page Kara's Kitchen. I am 30 yrs old, married with two wonderful yet adventurous boys aged 4 and 6. When my children are not running me ragged I enjoy reading fantasy and some romance novels. I am the quintessential Mom....forever baking some goodie or another and chasing after one child or another to clean a perpetually dirty face. Well to find out anymore you will just have to stop by #Trivia and pay us all a lil visit. See ya there!!!!

You can check out those recipes at Kara's Kitchen...HERE.