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WhiteLace and Lucky

Well, Lucky is a 41 yr old diesal truck mechanic, and WhiteLace is a 35 yr old domestic engineer. We have been online together now for 2 years. We met online, and got married Valentines day 1998. We have a son (Brandon) who we talk alot about. Our room here is #coffeecup,(come in and say hi) We love to give a try at the questions in #trivia (think we do more cheerleading then answering). We do alot of travelling, camping, bowling, etc...anything to get us outdoors, and with people we love. We have met alot of great people thanks to the internet, and hopefully we will continue to meet more. WhiteLace is originally from Ontario, but moved to Chicago 2 years ago to be with Lucky. Now we both live in South Carolina, but give us time, and we will probably be moved again to a different state. We want to find the one state to call home, and so far, we haven't found it. We look forward to meeting you in #trivia!!!!

If you want to know more come visit our website HERE.

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