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Hello, StonR here. I suppose I should say a couple of things about myself. I live and spend most, if not all of my time in Indiana. Sometimes, when I can scrounge enough money for petrol, I roadtrip to places like Illinois and Michigan. The twenty years of my life I've spent here has forced me to the conclusion that the midwest is a rathole, so my plans are to get out of here ASAP. To keep myself sane, I pick up various musical instruments and learn them. Right now I'm hell-bent on guitar, but most of my instrumental knowledge is dedicated to the saxophone. I made a futile attempt to make music my carreer, but while at college at IU for Jazz Performance, I was introduced to *gasp* the internet. Spending most of my time on my roommate's computer and not spending my time in the classroom was my downfall. I packed my bags, and sailed back to my hometown. I did some thinking, and figured out I could make money spending most of my time with computers. This summer I'm returning to school to start working on my Computer Information Systems degree., Besides all of that boring junk I also like to party, hence the nick :) Playing trivia also takes much of my time which, although it may isolate me from my family and friends, I still have a right to play it if I want to :) Musicwise, I've been getting into Floyd and Zeppelin, and I never mind hearing some Dave Matthews Band. I appreciate all kinds of music, even some country (but not much). I've also been studying the wiccan religion for about 6 months now, which intrigues me. I always appreciate a good comedy movie, the Blues Brothers being the best one ever, with any Python and Brooks trailing not too far behind. Readingwise, I love Dave Barry, that guy kills me. I also like fantasy novels. Terry Brooks with his Shannarra Series is what I'd recommend. well, 'nuff said. If you want to find me on irc check #trivia. If I'm not there, I'm on efnet. Feel free to /msg me if you see me. I love to shoot the $#!+.

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