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Hey... Thinker made me write this autobiography, so I guess I'd better make it good. On May 19, 1977 I was born in a hospital in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. For ten glorious years of my life I lived in Guaynabo, Puerto Rico... the enchanted island. One day though, my parents ripped me away from those once soothing palm trees... the whispering of the ocean as it washed away from the sand... the lulling sound of the coqui's at night... anyway.. we moved to where I now live.. Southern Illinois. Ahhh the mid-west is so appealing... nothing like moving from the beach to a field... and well, here I've stayed for another decade or so of my life. I am now a Senior in College studying Public Relations and Spanish. I plan on either staying in the St. Louis, Missouri area, or moving to Orlando, Florida. I think this story has been long enough... sooooooooooooooooooooo.. me voy! Cuidense amigos! Que Dios los bendiga!

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