True Love
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Sometimes you wish upon a star And hope that wish comes true. If I had one wish to wish I would wish that wish were you. For I know that I will always smile Whenever you're around. You make my heart go crazy It flutters leaps and bounds. You banish all my deepest worries All which make me fret. Its all the warmth from your kind heart That lets me forget. Sometimes it is hard to share my thoughts Your great understanding makes it easy. When you gaze deep in my eyes You make my stomach so very queasy. With you I feel at one with myself My life finally has meaning. If you were to go I'd make you stay With all my begging, pleading. At times we have our disagreements And more are still to come. But I want to be right there beside you To work them out one by one. We have changed each others lives day by day Maybe eventually year by year. I hope always to my heart That you will remain this dear. There I more than two words that can explain the above; The best two words are the words True Love

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